History of ATLAS

ATLAS (Attaining Truth, Love, and Self-Control) is a nonprofit ministry that exists to help the hurting in the local community. ATLAS has existed in Sioux Center, Iowa, since the Summer of 2000 with the mission of, "Together touching lives for Christ." At that time, Jerry Keift, the founder of ATLAS, realized that those who were hurting rarely went to the church for help. He wanted to establish a place where hurting people could belong before they believed. ATLAS emerged as a ministry, existing to "help hurting people" in Sioux Center. In 2005, ATLAS bought a second hand household item store, called the "Second Chance Depot," in order to generate revenue for the ministry of ATLAS.

Although ATLAS is a Christian organization, seeking to represent Jesus to those who are served, it is not requirement to have a relationship with God in order to come to ATLAS. In addition to serving those who are hurting through 1:1 mentoring with someone on the staff, ATLAS also seeks to equip followers of Jesus and unite the community. ATLAS has an active volunteer 1:1 mentoring program, as well as programs for transportation, and housing. Additionally, ATLAS of Sioux Center has a satellite office in a nearby community (Rock Valley), and a presence in both Sioux Center and Rock Valley public schools.

In both Rock Valley and Sioux Center, a bilingual staff mentor is available for meetings in Spanish in order to meet the needs of the communities. The ministry of ATLAS has extended into other communities.