Car Ministry of ATLAS (CMA)


The Car Ministry of ATLAS is set up in order to help clients obtain a start-up car. In order to receive a car, someone would have to be involved with their local ATLAS or other ministry and set up an interview through their advocate with the CMA interview board.

Phone: 712-722-4900 Email:

How can I be involved?

How can I donate a vehicle?

How can I apply for a vehicle?

CMA Application - Please call 712-722-4900

Other requirements:

Car Ministry Recipients' Testimonies 

"Receiving a car from the Car Ministry of ATLAS has been one of the biggest blessings for my kids and I. We are able to get to and from school and also able to visit family. Thank you so much!" - ATLAS Car Ministry Recipient 

"The Car Ministry program has been SUCH a blessing in my life! Having this car has allowed me to reconnect with my children and my dad and grandma. It has given me the opportunity to return to work and the ability to enroll my youngest child in early head start, which has helped her grow socially and developmentally. It has also given me the freedom and independence I've been without for so long. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you!!!" - ATLAS Car Ministry Recipient 

When God opened ATLAS' doors to me it gave me the opportunity to get to know different mentors and staff members that were able to show me how real, wide and deep is the love of God. Through the Car Ministry, I was blessed to receive the vehicle that I have been dreaming of getting! I am so thankful for ATLAS, for the Car Ministry and for God's perfect timing for getting me a vehicle. - Eustoquia Barranco