ATLAS Internship

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to raise up a generation whose desire is to embrace a lifestyle of prayer, worship, & community in order to be empowered to live out the Kingdom.

Interns volunteer 8 hours/week during each Spring/Summer/Fall Internship session which coincides with college semesters.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out our online application.

Breakdown of 8 hours/week

Personal/Spiritual Development   
8 hrs/wk
4 hrs/wk 
 1 hr Bible Study 3 hrs Service Opportunities
 1 hr Weekly Meeting
 1 hr Weekly Meeting (Reflection)
 1 hr Mentoring  
 1 hr Personal Prayer/Study/Journaling 

If you're interested in applying for the internship, please fill out our online application.  If you would like more information, please call 722-4900.

Testimonies from past interns:

My semester in the ATLAS internship has changed me for the better. I learned how to surround myself with good people, I learned more about myself and how God sees me, and I began the process of trusting God more fully. I learned there is a difference between happiness and joy. Even in the midst of deep sorrow and fear, I can feel God's joy. Even though there is chaos on the outside, on the inside I feel deep peace. God’s plans are always better than mine, even when they don’t feel good in the moment. I learned God uses broken people, and that fact makes me more confident. Although I'm sad my time at ATLAS is finished, I know God isn't finished with me yet. To Him be the glory. 
Kaileen Runia
Dordt College Class of 2019

As Bevan Lee once stated, “I AM; two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.” Being a part of the ATLAS Internship was a wonderful experience because it helped to prepare and equip me to live a life of service to God and others. If I were to explain the Internship in one sentence I would say it changes preconceived and negative thoughts of oneself from I AM worthless … I AM alone … and I AM empty, to I AM loved … I AM important … and I AM a child of the King. 

Brittany Geerlinks
Dordt College Class of 2018

The opportunity to be a part of the ATLAS internship could not have come at a better time in my life. Looking back, I can see that God had worked several things out in my life for me to be a part of the summer internship at ATLAS. After just finishing my freshmen year at Northwestern College, I was ready
to be a part of something meaningful and I wanted to serve people and create connections and relationships with others. During the internship, I created a strong, Godly relationship with my mentor that still means so much to me today. I was able to have deep, meaningful conversations with people that were a part of the internship and also people outside of ATLAS, both of which I will never forget. Being able to praise God and be filled up spiritually through worship services at the HOME building weekly, were great experiences that I probably never would have realized if I were not a part of the ATLAS internship. The internship blessed me in so many ways but ultimately, all of the glory goes to God. He had a plan for my summer and He knew the right people to place in my life at that time to build lasting relationships with. The people that work for and alongside of ATLAS are amazing and you can see
the desire they have to spread God’s light for all people.

Megan Cleveringa
Northwestern Class of 2019

While redecorating my room in Nicaragua after four years of being away for college, I made sure to pin the picture given to me during my summer internship I did about a year ago through ATLAS. After receiving the picture, I've hung it in visible places in my college apartment, semester abroad dorm, and now my room. The valuable picture consists of a tree. Not any tree. A tree that has big, thick roots and abundant, lively leaves on strong branches. The speaker that gave us the picture asked us interns to label the roots "internal" and the branches "external."

Why is this tree so meaningful? That symbol set my attitude towards the rest of the summer internship, and life, really. The roots of the tree reflects the roots of our faith. How I grow internally in my relationship with Christ through reading His Word, speaking and listening during prayer, meditating of His being, and worshiping His Holiness is what allows my roots to be grounded. For a more eternal time. As my roots become strong, so will my branches. The branches illustrate my obedience to the outreach He desires for us to do through witnessing, serving, sharing, and loving His people to further His Kingdom.

Having that tree on a visible place, allows for the Holy Spirit to give me a needed reminder of the importance, value, vitality to be rooted in Him alone in order to serve Him in a self-denying manner. Through the internship, I not only learned and studied this idea, but applied it, which is why it still has a continuous impact and transformation in my faith walk.
As I continue to grow internally and externally while serving my people in Nicaragua, I am reminded that He is the vine, the Gardener, the Pruner.

Wendy Gomez
Dordt Class of 2012

The ATLAS Internship provided me with new opportunities to grow in a more intimate relationship with my Lord.  By meeting with a mentor, worshiping at Harp & Bowl, and receiving different teachings, I saw how much more there is of God that I have yet to know and grasp in my heart.  This internship helped me recognize that I am on a journey with God, and I have a long way to go.  I was affirmed more and more that the Lord is with us; He delights in us, and wants us to be His light in a dark world.  I am excited to go forth and live with Him, declaring His name over everything wherever I go.
Kurt Franje
Dordt Class of 2012

I've been extremely blessed to be part of two internships with ATLAS. I learned so much more about God's heart for me & all His Beloved. I recognized the importance of deepening my roots in God's love because He makes me strong so I can stop trying on my own. I got to dig deep into the Word of God and learn more about God's omniscient control and power in all things. Whoever you are, I strongly encourage you to do this internship. God always blesses those who seek hard after Him and this internship greatly helps you to do just that. He will do far greater things in you and through you than you could ever ask or imagine.
Danae Geels
Dordt Class of 2013

A hunger for more was sparked as I started to get involved with so many things through the ATLAS internship. Attending Harp and Bowl, serving others, and digging into the word made me vulnerable. I've allowed God to enter in, to be at the core of who I am. It changes things when you invite Him and ask the Lord to transform you into His likeness.
Kortney Kruger
Hair Stylist
Ranae's Salon & Spa

Impactful is the word to describe the ATLAS internship in a nut shell. When you apply yourself, search out answers, question, and listen to what is being taught you will find yourself being impacted.
Kristi Palsma
Dordt Class of 2014

Through this internship I was able to understand, see and experience the Lord’s love more through worship at Harp & Bowl, through the ATLAS staff, mentors and interns. The staff and mentors poured into us anyway they possibly could to help us grow. It was amazing to see each intern’s gifts and how the Spirit united us in the meetings/Bible studies. This enabled us to learn more about the Son of God which helped us to understand the ultimate fullness we have in Christ. When we fully receive and believe in the love and inheritance He has for us and the Fullness we have in Him, you can’t help but be in complete awe and utter amazement! 

Also through this internship the Lord’s love has radically transformed my heart and my love for Him, myself and for others. I have found my true identity as the Bride, the Beloved and the Daughter of the Everlasting Father. With everything I have learned through this, I can wholly live out the Kingdom with every step I take, because I fully embrace and live out a lifestyle of worship and prayer where ever I am.
Brianna Hobbs
Northwestern Class of 2013

Being an intern in the ATLAS internship program during the Summer of 2013 was a definite blessing for me. After ending the school year at Northwestern where I am surrounded by many people who are intentional about their faith and where times of communal devotion and worship are set aside, summers tend to be "dry" for me in my faith walk. Being in the internship gave me the opportunity to be around other people who wanted an intentional faith community. I was able to learn about many different service opportunities in the area and have my eyes opened to the hurt that is directly around me. It was a privilege for me to learn from wise people who took the time to come in and speak about different topics. ATLAS hooked me up with my first mentor and I was able to better understand the value of having a mentor, something I will look for throughout my life. It was spiritually enriching to worship with many other believers at Harp and Bowl. My overall experience of the ATLAS internship was a good one and I am grateful for each of the new internship friends I was able to make. I appreciate the ways they helped me to grow and learn.

Talitha Witt
Northwestern Class of 2015

The ATLAS internship equipped me. The biggest thing for me was the community of people that I grew to know and who continue to pray for me and be there for me no matter where I am or where they are. Watching them led me to want to know God more. It is so true that someone who is on fire for God can lead people to desire that kind of joy too. During my second internship, I got my joy back. I began to love life again. My desire now is to spread my joy to others. You never know the difference you are going to make in another person’s life. This internship made a big difference in mine, and I encourage you to take the leap.

Sarah (Kraayenbrink) Van Gelder
Wartburg Class of 2013