The Car Ministry of ATLAS is set up in order to help clients obtain a start-up car.  In order to receive a car, someone would have to be involved with their local ATLAS or other ministry and set up an interview through their advocate with the CMA interview board.

How can I be involved?
  • You can donate your used vehicle (more info below)
  • You can give financially
  • You can become a volunteer mechanic

How can I donate a vehicle?

  • The vehicle can be brought to Ver Hoef Automotive or Mouw Motor in Sioux Center and mention it is for the ATLAS Car Ministry.  An appraisal will be done for the amount of the tax donation, and the paperwork will get shifted over to ATLAS to be completed and begin the mechanical process.
  • Times to consider donating:
    • Not wanting to take the trade-in value for your vehicle but can turn in the estimated value for an income tax donation
    • An extra vehicle that you no longer need or use
    • Estate donations

How can I apply for a vehicle?

CMA Application

Other requirements:

  • Must schedule interview time (first Monday of every month)
  • Must have valid driver's license
  • Cannot already have a vehicle
  • Must have application completed
  • Must take along an advocate (counselor, mentor, pastor, etc.)
  • Must have been connected to advocate for a minimum of 3 months.